Real Stories


Real stories from FAKH clients at local food distributions


  • There is only one working in our family of 5. We do not qualify for for food stamps so after the bills are paid there is little left for food.  Food prices are unreal and the cost of living these days is high.  Thank God for a place like this.


  • I am currently out of work and the food pantry has been a "lifesaver" for me and my family.  Without it, we would not have had enough food.  The food budget is very tight and thanks to the food pantry, we don't go hungry.


  • I am writing for the older people of KY.  When you're a widow, you have to pay all the bills and medicine.  The food bank really helps to keep from going hungry.  There should be more help in KY.


  • Since my husband became sick and unable to work and my income is all we have, we have had to come to the food bank.  It has been so helpful.  For me and my husband it is a real need that I hope can stay open.  Our county is fortunate to have it.  We can't get food stamps so this food bank is a true blessing. Please keep it open.


  • The food pantry has helped me without food and without that help I would have to limit my food even more than I do.


  • The food bank has been a blessing!  It's not something we want, it's something we need!


  • Thank you! Feeding America has blessed our family...what we don't use we donate to our church food pantry.  God Bless You!


  • I depend on food bank items in order to have meals to eat.  I make use of any and all items I can get.  Without it I would probably starve. Thank You.


  • If it weren't for the help we get from the wonderful people at our food bank, there would be months we would have to choose to buy our medication or food.  Our food bank is a true blessing for many in our community. 


  • The food bank has come through for me, my wife, and my step-son.  I am so grateful that otheres care and are able to help and give freely as I had been able to do before.  It is greatly appreciated and really helps my family to have healthy food choices.


  • The food bank has allowed my mother to eat more nutritionally.  With the fruits and vegetables she recieves from the food bank, it allows her to be able to buy more from the grocery.  She wouldn't be able to get the nutrition she needs without the help of the food bank. 























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