Build-A-Bridge Food Drive


The Build-A-Bridge Food Drive is a year-round food drive which benefits the BackPack Program. Every two months a different BackPack specific food is collected, see list below. The food drive helps feed children throughout the school year who are at-risk of being hungry on the weekends when school meals are unavailable and family financial resources are scarce.

The Build-A-Bridge food drive was designed to help defer some of the costs of this program. There are approximately 5,500 children enrolled in the program annually in 35 Kentucky counties.

To learn more about the BackPack Program, click here.

Here is how your business, organization, group or church can begin making a greater impact in the lives of children in Kentucky. Remember, it's never too late to begin to feed hungry children!

  1. Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   to sign up or call (270) 735-1407.
  2. Promote the food drive within your business, organization, group or church.
  3. Start collecting BackPack food items, refer to list below.


Year-Round Collection List

January & February
March & April
May & June
July & August
September & October
November & December
Pop-Tarts or Go-Tarts
Single Serve Fruit Cups or Raisins
Single Serve Soups or Beenie Weenies
Granola or Fruit Bars
Pop-Tarts or Go-Tarts
Single Serve Soups or Beenie Weenies




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